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Antelope Ground Squirrel!

A Tiny Frog!

Shy Echidna Is Shy!

Baby sloths sleeping and a little sloth foot!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
why you no polar bear?!?!?!?
cutecreaturesgreatandsmall cutecreaturesgreatandsmall Said:


Is this the cutest snake in the world?!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Dear Cute Creatures, I just saw the video of the platypus swimming with the humans-which is of course adorable- and was hoping you could tell me where that took place? My sister is coming to visit me here in Aus, and she is absolutely enthralled with our weird and wonderful little monotreme mate :). Kind Regards, Ash
cutecreaturesgreatandsmall cutecreaturesgreatandsmall Said:

Hi Ash - this was at Healesville Sanctuary. That’s the only place in the world you can do this! You have to book well in advance though as they only let 2 people a day max and it’s often booked months ahead.

Good luck! Everyone should go do this!!

More photos of the baby jaguar cub who roared a baby roar! One of the cutest little kittens on the internet.